PPCSecure has been in business of detecting click fraud since 2009, but our staff memberas have been working with pay-per-click platforms such as AdWords since 2003. Our goal is to help you save money, prevent invalid clicks and see the paid advertising model work in a fair and equitable way...the way it was meant to be.

Even though the major search engines make valiant efforts to stop click fraud, many people feel greater peace of mind when using a third party tracking service such as PPCSecure to double-check the numbers and to provide a greater amount of information about each click. There are similar click fraud solutions in the marketplace, but here are the reasons PPCSecure stands above the rest:

  • PPCSecure is designed for Internet Marketers, by Internet Marketers. We use common sense and actual knowledge from the field to create our solutions.
  • PPCSecure offers a FREE 14 day test-drive. Try BEFORE you buy.
  • PPCSecure offers AUTOMATIC blocking of IP Addresses in AdWords
  • PPCSecure offers friendly, courteous, American-based service and support.
  • PPCSecure staff has 15 years experience in the tech industry working with networks, websites, security and Internet marketing.