Click Fraud Statistics

Recent Data

Despite efforts made by major players such as AdWords and Bing to try and stop click fraud, it still can occur and the statistics below show just how serious the problem has become.

  1. In 2017, desktop-based click fraud has risen sharply to 25% from its previous level of 20 percent (Source: Pixalate)
  2. Smartphone-based click fraud increased by more than 100 percent between the months of January and April 2017 (Source:Pixalate)
  3. In 2015, one out of every $3 spent on digital ads was fraudulent (Source: AdAge)
  4. Advertisers are expected to lose $7.2 Billion globally to clickbots in 2016 alone (Source:
  5. Recent survey results show that up to 78% of brand marketers are concerned with ad fraud (Source: MyersBizNet)
  6. Locksmiths, plumbers and lawyers are among the top 5 groups to see the most invalid clicks (Source: PPCSecure)
  7. Click fraud is growing problem...and may by increasing at a rate of 50% per year (Source: The Australian)
  8. Businesses could lose $16.4 billion to online advert fraud in 2017 (Source:
  9. Japan has the highest ad fraud rates, followed by Brazil and the United States (Source: Pixalate)
  10. 20 percent of ad-serving websites are visited only by bots looking to commit fraud (Source: The Verge)

Click Fraud Lawsuits Through the Years

Over the years, many advertisers have become fed up and decided to fight back using the power of the law. Here are some notable cases:

Ad Fraud Information and Statisitcs

Here is some more key information to help you understand the scope and breadth of the issue facing advertisers online. It may difficult for you to convince business associates, friends and family about the dangers of online advertising. Our hope in building this list of data is for you to have the proof you need to show that your concerns about invalid clicks are not "all in your head" and that your investment in click fraud detection solutions such as PPCSecure are well founded and worth the money.

  1. The well-known Chameleon botnet costs online advertisers more than $6 million per month (Source:
  2. PPCSecure is currently helping customers stop bad clicks in over 30 countries and monitors more than 1 million clicks per month
  3. Brands in the United States will lose six and half billion dollars to ad fraud annually (Source: Marketing Week)
  4. 8.3% of all display ad impressions are fraudulent (Source: Integral Ad Science)
  5. Advertisements with a CPM higher than $10 each experience 39% higher level of bot fraud than ones under $10 (Source: ANA)
  6. 50% of ad impressions served to Internet Explorer browsers were from non-human traffic sources (Source: FraudLogix)

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