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Our 4-stage system eliminates click fraud. We detect fraud in real time, notify you instantly via text/email, warn the offender to stop clicking your ad, and automatically block them using IP exclusion.

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One monthly fee of $29.97 per domain. Unlimited clicks. Unlimited URLs. Unlimited Keywords.

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You can be up and running in only 5 minutes with no changes to your existing website. Simply copy and paste our tracking link into your ad.

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We are the only click fraud detection company to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Read our terms of service for complete details.

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Automatically Block IPs

PPCSecure blocks offender's IP addresses immediately in AdWords using our exclusive PPCBlock™ technology.

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PPCSecure notifies you instantly when we detect fraud. And we send you a daily report showing all important activity for the day.

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No Javascript Required

Unlike other systems that use Javascript, which allows users to simply turn off Javascript and bypass your protections, PPCSecure will track the click even if Javascript is diabled.

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